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  • Transport

    Bio-Med Devices has been making transport ventilators since the early 1970s. The latest model: The TV-100 offers complete patient coverage from the smallest premature infant to the largest adult, and offers the latest modes, graphics and waveforms, a built-in turbine compressor and a 7 hour+ battery life.





  • Air/Oxygen

    Bio-Med Devices offers the most complete line of air/oxygen blenders available. With specialty models like the NeO2 Blend (ideal for the NICU), and other models suited for Labor & Delivery or High Flow oxygen therapy delivery. When size and function matter, look nowhere else.






  • Technimount TV-100 Bracket

    Designed to comply with the highest industry saftey standards fro transport of medical equiptment, SAE J3043.










  • Product Design-OEM-Private Label

    “With ISO 13485 certification Bio-Med Devices proudly provides engineering services to some of the medical device industry’s best known and respected companies. Recognized by these companies for our outstanding engineering and collaborative design processes, we would be happy to consider an opportunity to meet your medical device design requirements needs.

Welcome to Bio-Med Devices

Bio-Med Devices, an ISO 13485 registered company, has been honored several times as one of Connecticut's 50 fastest growing technology companies. Bio-Med Devices designs, manufactures, and markets a complete line of critical care and transportable respirators/ventilators, air - oxygen blenders, ventilation monitors, disposable and reusable breathing circuits, and accessories.

Things to Think About

  • All Blenders Are Not Created Equal While all air/oxygen blenders are designed to do the same thing: provide the full range of oxygen percentage from 21% to 100%, choosing a high flow model blender for a low flow application can end up costing the hospital in needless operating costs. Using an actual cost for oxygen from October of 2009 (I’m sure this figure is low by today’s standards), using the wrong blender model would result in an EXTRA $518.20 per year just to operate this blender. If you consider a 50 bed NICU, over the next 5 years, the extra cost grows to $129,540.00. Let us make sure you have the best product for your application.

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