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15' Dual Coiled Air/Oxygen Hose

The 15' dual coiled air/oxygen hoses are ideal for connecting any equipment that must be connected to both an air and oxygen gas source (ventilators, air/oxygen blenders, CPAP devices, high flow cannula devices)

  • The coiled nature of the hoses makes them easy to stow during storage or transport (hoses stay up off the floor).
  • The coiled nature of the hoses also stay up off the floor during use (no matter how close you get to the wall outlet).
    • This does not create a tripping hazard as traditional hoses can.
  • Since the hoses are fused together except for the ends, they don't get tangled with one another.

Note: If you are ordering this hose for a blender application, make sure you order the PFIT150 (male-to-male DISS fitting) so the oxygen hose will connect to the oxygen input on the blender.


You may want to consider ordering these for all of you devices that connect to air and oxygen.

Don't forget to order the correct quick-connect fittings (we carry the Ohmeda and Chemtron styles)

Ordering Information

Bio-Med Part Number 1013