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MVP-10 Quick Check Out & Set-up Guide


  • The following steps may be performed prior to use to ensure the ventilator appears to be functioning correctly.
  • A more detailed procedure is indicated in the manual for Clinical Engineering or Biomedical personnel.8


Quick Performance Verification

  1. Attach circuit and occlude wye.
  2. Turn flow to 12 lpm.
  3. Set switch to ‘Cycle’.
  4. Set Insp. Time to .4 and Exp. Time to .6 and verify that the ventilator cycles at a rate of 60 breaths per minute.
  5. Turn PEEP knob to maximum position (fully counter-clockwise) and verify that at least 15 cm of PEEP is present on the manometer.
  6. Turn Max. Pressure knob to maximum position (fully counter-clockwise) and verify that appropriate pressure relief (pop-off) level is present during the inspiratory phase on the manometer (Note: You may need to increase pressure relief setting). With pressure relief valve set at maximum position 65 cm of pressure should be attained.


Set-Up For Pressure Limited Ventilation

  1. Attach patient circuit and occlude wye.
  2. Turn flow to desired level.
  3. Set switch to ‘Cycle’.
  4. Set desired inspiratory time.
  5. Adjust expiratory time to set respiratory rate
  6. Adjust pressure relief (pop-off) valve if desired to an appropriate level above intended peak pressure setting (either occlude exhalation valve or turn Max Pressure knob to max setting before setting pressure relief valve)
  7. Adjust Max Pressure knob until desired Peak Pressure is observed on manometer.
  8. Adjust PEEP knob until desired PEEP is displayed during expiration on manometer.


Set-Up For Volume Limited Ventilation

  1. Place appropriate sized test lung on circuit (infant or pediatric depending on desired tidal volume) instead of occluding it.
  2. Calculate correct flow setting using the following two formulas:
    1. Flow Rate Multiplication Factor = 60

         insp. Time (seconds)

  1. Flow Rate (liters per minute) = Desired Tidal Volume (ml) x multiplication factor


  1. Ensure that Max Pressure knob is NOT pressure limiting the volume breath.
  2. Set pressure relief valve to appropriate safety level.