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BMD Crossvent Batteries

IMPORTANT: The Crossvent requires a battery that is custom to Bio-Med Devices.  Do not substitute.  Although some third party vendors offer batteries for the Crossvent, they may not conform to our specifications, either electrically or physically.

The Bio-Med Crossvent ventilators  use rechargeable, internal battery packs.  The following describes the life expectancy of such batteries.

Rechargeable batteries can operate for many years and/or hundreds of cycles.  The life of the batteries is influenced by actual usetemperaturecharging and discharging parameters, and mechanical abuse.

USE:  Battery usage is classified as either float or cyclic.  Float means that the battery spends most of its time on charge waiting for use. Cyclic means that the battery is used (discharged and recharged) regularly.  Battery aging varies greatly depending on whether it is used mostly in floating or cyclic application.  For float applications, calendar time is the critical issue.  In cyclic applications, the number of charge/discharge cycles contributes more to the life expectancy.

TEMPERATURE:  Another aging factor, which is independent of float or cyclic applications, is the ambient temperature that the battery is subjected to during its life.

DEPTH OF DISCHARGE:  How discharged is the battery allowed to become before it is recharged.

AMOUNT OF RECHARGE:  How much the battery is allowed to be charged before the charger is disconnected and the battery is pressed into service.

MECHANICAL:  Excessive shock and vibration can shorten or even abruptly terminate a battery's life.

To summarize, the life expectancy of batteries has little to do with the equipment that is being powered and more with the way the equipment is used.   As this is not always easy to control, Bio-Med Devices recommends the battery in the Crossvent be replaced every two years.  To ensure compatibility:

Battery Part# PRT4402 = Crossvent Monochrome.

Battery Part# PRT2225 = Crossvent 2i Monochrome.

Battery Part# PRT4467 = Color Crossvent 2, Color Crossvent 3, Color Crossvent 4.

Battery Part# PRT2268 = Color Crossvent 2i.