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15' Dual Coiled Air/Oxygen Hose

The 15' dual coiled air/oxygen hoses are ideal for connecting any equipment that must be connected to both an air and oxygen gas source (ventilators, air/oxygen blenders, CPAP devices, high flow cannula devices)

  • The coiled nature of the hoses makes them easy to stow during storage or transport (hoses stay up off the floor).
  • The coiled nature of the hoses also stay up off the floor during use (no matter how close you get to the wall outlet).
    • This does not create a tripping hazard as traditional hoses can.
  • Since the hoses are fused together except for the ends, they don't get tangled with one another.

Note: If you are ordering this hose for a blender application, make sure you order the PFIT150 (male-to-male DISS fitting) so the oxygen hose will connect to the oxygen input on the blender.

Ordering Information

Bio-Med Part Number 1013