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1061M            Bracket, Cylinder for 2" Pole 

2013                Universal Bracket Monitor/Vents 1" Pole

2013B             Blender Bracket for 1" Pole Mount

2013BFEU      Bracket Blender Horizontal 25mm Rail

2013BFR        Bracket Blender Fairfield Rail

2013BGR       Bracket, GE/Ohmeda Rail Mount

2013BH         Bracket Blender Pole Mount Heavy Duty Stand

2013BHR       Bracket Blender Horizontal Rail

2013BPS        Bracket 1" Pole Mount Swivel

2013BSH       Bracket BLN&SUP Arm for Heavy Duty Stand- Is Obsolete and been replaced with 2013SH

2013BVR        Bracket Blender Vertical 7mm Rail

2013BW         Bracket Blender Wall Mount Universal

2013P             Bracket Rear Mount w/ Pins for Vent

2013SH          Bracket Support Arm for Heavy Duty Stand

2013T             Bracket Pole Mount Tilt for Vent

2013TH          Bracket Heavy Duty Top Tilt

2013VW         Bracket Universal Vent Wall Mount

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