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Set-up Instructions for the IC-2A, Blender, and Heavy Duty Stand


Hose Kit, Catalogue #2005ICH

  1. Install the pole into the base.
  2. Mount the blender bracket (pins down) approximately 12" from the top of the pole.
  3. Place the blender in the bracket.
  4. Place the IC-2A in the top tilt bracket.
  5. Use the elbows (3) in the following locations.  Face the threads as indicated:
  1. Logic supply input on the IC-2A- face threads to the rear
  2. Patient supply input on the IC-2A- face threads to the rear
  3. Blender output- face threads to the outside of blender air fitting
  1. The high pressure wye is to be used to split your oxygen source before the blender so one leg goes to the blender  input and the other to the IC-2A logic input.
  2. Connect the 10' oxygen supply hose to the input of the wye.
  3. Connect the short hose leg of the wye to the blender oxygen input.
  4. Connect the long hose leg of the wye to the elbow on the IC-2A logic supply input.
  5. Connect the 10' air supply hose to the blender air input.
  6. Connect the remaining short supply hose from the elbow on the blender output to the IC-2A patient supply input.