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IC-2A Quick Reference


1.  Connect gas source, patient circuit and test lung and set toggle switches to CYCLE and NORMAL.

2.  Turn MAX PRESSURE knob on back on unit to its maximum setting.

3.  Choose desired inspiratory time using INSP. TIME knob.

4.  Set respiratory rate or I:E ratio by consulting upper side panel chart and adjusting EXP. TIME knob (or by adjusting EXP. TIME knob and counting cycles).

5.  Set desired tidal volume by using lower chart on side panel and setting FLOW RATE knob that corresponds to the inspiratory time previously set.

6.  Turn ON vent.

7.  Set desired PEEP level using PEEP knob.

8.  Set INSPIRATORY EFFORT: Turn knob counter clockwise until vent auto cycles, then turn clockwise until it stops auto cycling.

9.  Set PRESSURE POP off by occluding circuit and decreasing MAX PRESSURE knob to desired level during cycled breath.

10.  ASSIST CONTROL: leave toggle switch in NORMAL position. Patient will either receive a volume breath at the set rate, or a volume breath each time they trigger the vent.

11.  SIMV: Ensure that 1) patient is breathing spontaneously and 2) patient is triggering the vent as evidenced by the DEMAND indicator activation. If patient goes apneic (or sensitivity is not set appropriately) the vent will only cycle once every 10 seconds regardless of what rate is set.

Note: These guidelines are only meant as a guide and do not take the place of a thorough understanding of the operators manual or interactive CD-ROM training.